Power outage pros and cons


If you are one of my Twitter followers, you probably are already aware that I am experiencing the power outage that many in Northeast Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey are currently experiencing due to Hurricane Sandy and “Frankenstorm.”  Our power went out at 6 p.m. Monday night and has yet to return.  Although living in the so-called “dark ages” may sound awful, I’ve found both pros and cons to this unexpected situation.


  • Can’t open the fridge or freezer to access our food and/or drinks.
  • Max can’t have his canned food that’s in the fridge. 😦 poor nugget.
  • Can’t do my laundry that is piling up in my hamper.
  • Getting dressed/showering/doing makeup in the dark.
  • Spending more money by dining out.
  • No wifi in our home.
  • Less time watching my reality TV shows.
  • My ice cream is melting.


  • More time to read.
  • More time to clean (while there’s still daylight).
  • More excuses to cuddle with both my cats and my man.  😉
  • More excuses to burn candles that make the house smell wonderful.
  • Less time watching my reality TV shows. (yes, I’m aware this one made both lists)
  • Less snacking/eating ice cream.
  • It’s a talking point with those who I encounter on a daily basis.
  • More excuses to get out into the city to use our resources (library, coffee shops, any outlets that we can find while dining at a restaurant or having a drink at the bar)

In a way, this whole power outage thing is making me feel very calm.  A power outage is a perfect reality check to make you recognize the things that you have and use everyday that you make take for granted.  Things such as wifi, charging your phone, watching TV, flicking on a light as you walk into the room, showering with the light on, and frozen ice cream on demand.

On the flipside, it’s got my nerves going a thousand miles a minute because I am thinking about all the things I could be doing with the electricity on.

No one is quite sure when the power will come back.  Some are saying Saturday.  Let’s hope it’s sooner than that.  All I can say is, if this is what I have to deal with in this storm, I feel blessed.  So many people right now are missing family members, animals, and pieces of their homes.  Many have seen trees crash down on their cars and homes.  My heart goes out to all of those and I hope that everything gets back to normal very soon.


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