Wedding Wednesday: The theme of our wedding is…


It always makes me chuckle inside when someone asks me how wedding planning is going and asks what the “theme” of our wedding is. Now, I’ve seen a few episodes of “Four Weddings,” so I get it. Some people have a “country” themed wedding or the wedding is on a ship so they have a nautical or “under the sea” themed wedding. I’ve also seen some more in-depth themed weddings as well.

Below, here is an example of a themed wedding. In this case… Disney characters?

And this one… not quite sure what the theme is but I think some sort of video game?

And I mean, I guess it’s fun for pictures and it helps to showcase the couple’s personalities and/or interests. But personally, when people do themed weddings, it just sort of makes a joke out of the whole thing. On my wedding day, I want to look like the most beautiful ME I could possibly look like, not Snow White, or Ariel, or a Cowgirl. Let’s save that stuff for October 31.

When people ask what the theme of our wedding is going to be, I always say, “Love,” “Adam and Shannon,” “Adam and Shannon’s start to marriage.”  People of course think I’m being a smartass (shocker!) but I’m really not. I’m just so excited to have a wedding that celebrates us and our love for one another. And everything about the wedding will be themed as “Shannon and Adam.” The centerpieces, place cards, decorations — that stuff will all revolve around things that Adam and I have shared in our relationship. So maybe that is a “theme”?

I just think it’s such a strange question for people to ask of an engaged couple — “what is the theme of your wedding?” — maybe what they really mean to ask is about the color scheme or venue or something else.

Anyway, just a thought that’s been circling my mind lately so I figured I’d write it down.

Later, haters. 🙂


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